Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear – Elite Protective Ear Guards

Without headgear to protect the ears, wrestlers run the risk of having permanently scarred and disfigured ears. A condition called cauliflower ear is extremely common in wrestling from the constant pounding the ears end up taking. In the standing position, wrestlers grind their forehead into their opponent’s ear and temple for an advantageous maneuvering. A good takedown is often achieved from driving across your opponent with your head and often landing with your ear against his hip. The ears also take a beating constantly being ground into the mat. With all of this friction against the direct skin and ear cartilage, it doesn’t take long for an injury to occur. The most common injury includes a separation of the skin and cartilage creating a painful, swollen sack of fluid. This is an acute injury that requires a minor surgery and definitely time off the mat. Without the surgery, the acute swelling will go down but the space left from the separation will remain, eventually filling up again while each time leaving a scar behind. While some seem more prone to this problem than others, it’s serious enough to wear protective ear guards literally every time you wrestle. Despite the potential inconvenience, severe pain, possible surgery and even permanent disfigurement, most wrestlers are surprisingly negative about wearing headgear. During the season you will see nearly every wrestler wearing a pair at tournaments. However this is because the headgear is required in school sports. The real opinions come out in the off-season. Continue reading Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear – Elite Protective Ear Guards Continue reading Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear – Elite Protective Ear Guards

What Are The Different Types Of Football Boot Soles?

When buying football boots most people look at the upper parts of the shoes for breathability comfort and stability. But the sole of your soccer cleats should also be taken into consideration because they determine the kind of experience you have especially when moving and running on the different playing surfaces. You should ensure that the sole matched the type of surface or ground you will be playing in to get the most from your activity. The right sole prevents poor pitch performance and injuries too that are risked when using the wrong sole for a given surface. The different soles available are designed to offer maximum traction, stability and comfort even when running at high speed. They also make it possible for you to plant feet and change direction at angles that are extreme on any given surface. By knowing the sole options available you should be in a position to choose the most suitable for your play. Changeable studs – They are perfect for maximizing grip on soft play grounds. The studs are metallic and long so they are able to sink into the mud or soft surfaces, offering more traction when turning and running. The studs make it possible for players to screw-in or snap different sized studs to match weather conditions or the state of the playing field so they are able to achieve better performance even in such situations. The length of the studs can range from 12mm to 18mm and they come with the Continue reading What Are The Different Types Of Football Boot Soles?

Snowboarding For Beginners: How to Make The Right Start!

It is always the first time for any new thing and when it is about snowboarding you need to give it a right start for more perfection and accuracy. So for all the fresh starters who want to enjoy those icy twists and turns, you must follow these guidelines for an unforgettable beginning. If you think it is only about stamina, endurance and good balance, then let me correct you, snowboarding wants you to be stubborn. Yes, it is all about how much stubbornness and zeal you possess for this sport. Here is the step by step guide for a great snow performance and your first snowboarding impression: 1) Right Set of Equipment is a Must for Great Show: No doubt in comparison to skiing, snowboarding consists of less gears, but whatever it consists of, it has to be of superior quality. From snowboarding boots, bindings, snowboards to helmets, everything has to be perfect for a great snowboarding experience. Therefore, just invest in some top range of snowboards and boots for a great show. 2) Your Clothing is The Next Important Thing To Be Considered: There are a special types of clothes which are specifically meant for snowboarding. Since you will be playing in the snow for a good amount of time, so you will need something warm and waterproof. These listed things will always remain an important part of snowboarding apparel, providing you the comfort and warmth throughout all seasons. Here is the glance at the all season essentials: Continue reading Snowboarding For Beginners: How to Make The Right Start!

Surfing – Exercises From the Board Up

If you want to exercise to get in shape for surfing start with your feet. The feet help provide shock absorption, balance, force, control, power, flexibility, strength and agility to your ride. So how do you get started? Most surfers have already done some benefit to your feet by walking barefoot on sand or smooth rocks… not so sure about the coral. All of the following exercises can be done in bare feet. Sitting: Start by rolling a tennis ball under your foot. This helps awaken the soft connective tissue (fascia). Do not put your full weight on the foot being rolled. Work up to using more pressure and using a lacrosse ball or golf ball. Roll the ball with a little more pressure under the heels, balls and outer edge of your feet and less pressure in the arches and toes. Spend at least 1 minute on each foot. Try to pickup sand/small rocks with your toes. Once you have accomplished this task try to fling the objects with your toes. Lift your foot off the ground and write in the air your favorite surfing spot. Pretend your toes are a pen and your ankle is a wrist. With your feet apart keep your heels stationary and push/drag the balls of the feet and toes outwards away from center. When they are out as far as they can go (duck footed) lift the front of the feet off the ground (heels stationary) and bring them back to neutral. 10-15 Continue reading Surfing – Exercises From the Board Up

In-Season Wrestling Weight Lifting – 30 Second Training

Incorporating weight lifting into a busy wrestling season can be tricky and must be done so with caution. A program designed to produce strength gains often involves lifting heavy and should include at least some single rep maxes as tests. Due to the high demand on the athlete’s nervous system and possibility of injury that comes with heavy lifting, this type of program should be avoided while in the throes of a strenuous competition schedule. Weight training programs during wrestling season should be used more for maintaining muscular size and strength rather than building it. Besides all the heavy lifting, building muscle also requires extra calories; most wrestlers are trying to be as lean as possible during the season to make weight and are not eating to be bigger and stronger. In the off season, wrestlers do not have to worry about being a certain body weight, can eat what they want and have more time to spend recovering from heavier lifting. This is the best time to build muscle. For maintaining muscle and staying in good condition, rep schemes for wrestling season weight lifting programs should be higher; 8-15 with sets of 5 reps being as low as they should go. For a good, safe system of in-season weight lifting for wrestlers, consider the ’30 Second Program’. This is a program that requires a fully stocked weight room but does not depend on specific pieces of equipment. It is meant for a team of 6-10+ athletes to all train Continue reading In-Season Wrestling Weight Lifting – 30 Second Training

Football As a Popular Sport

Football, or Soccer, as it is known in many parts of the world is a sport or game that is played between two teams, each containing eleven players. A rectangular field with goal posts at either end into which opposing teams must kick goals into forms the outline of the game. There are a set of rules governing the game, although much has changed in the way the game is played now. It is easily the world’s most popular sport considering that over 300 million players from over 200 countries around the world are involved in the sport. The origin or invention of modern-day football throws up interesting and sometimes controversial details. It was largely believed that Britain or England is where the game was first played in the medieval period and it gradually spread throughout Europe. A game involving a ‘party of boys playing a ball’ was first observed in the 19th century in England. However, the Chinese claim that the sport in England is largely drawn from a similar game played in China several centuries earlier. Unlike most other sports of that time, this was played on ‘foot’ and not on horseback, hence the name ‘football’. But there are vast dissimilarities between the two versions. The rise and popularity of the game cannot be questioned and several hugely prestigious events and tournaments are held throughout the year in various countries. Professional football has seen the rise of several athletes playing the game at the highest levels with huge Continue reading Football As a Popular Sport

Snowboarding Tips For Adventurous People

For those who love adventure and opine that adventurous activities are the best recreational techniques to get away from all the stress and pressure in addition to some enjoyment, snowboarding is one among the best activities. Snowboarding is a recreational activity in which a person stands on a board that is around 1 feet and glides over the surface containing snow. To provide proper balance to the glider, a special type of boot is mounted on the board. This activity can be popularly seen in the areas of the world where there is excess amount of snowfall around the year. Generally, every manufacturer will list the flex-type of their boot to match the driving style. But, take care that there are no industry standard popular across all manufacturers. It is your responsibility to try them on and also see if they meet your requirements. Finally, there are boots particular for women and men. To have the best snowboarding experience, one must use a good snowboard. A good amount of knowledge on how to choose the best boards and the best boots can be highly helpful in this regard. The following factors help in determining the how to choose the best snowboard and snowboard boots that are suitable for you. Length of the snowboard: One has to select a snowboard whose length matches his height, weight and the type of riding he wishes to do. As per the traditional snowboard sizing standards, if the glider stands next to the snowboard and Continue reading Snowboarding Tips For Adventurous People

Learning To Surf Does Not Have To Be Complicated

Once you have decided that you would like to go surfing, it is not just a matter of buying the equipment and then heading off down to the sea. There will have to be a number of lessons beforehand or else your surfing experience will be nothing more than falling of a board. If you put your mind to it, you should have the basics in a few days and then the improvements will come with practice and experience. Some of the things that may seem to be the easiest will be the things that take the most time to learn. Standing up and the positioning of the feet are going to be two of the most complex lessons to learn, but once they have been mastered there will not be much else that will take a lot of time or keep you out of the water for long. While there is nothing like learning from a great surfer, there is a lot to be learned from books and videos. You won’t learn everything that way, but you will be amazed by how much you have remembered when you are putting your learning into practice. Equipment will help and when starting out it will be best to have a surfboard that is long and wide. It will be more stable and help to keep you afloat for longer. Common sense also comes into it and you should not surf on your own just in case you get into difficulties. It Continue reading Learning To Surf Does Not Have To Be Complicated

Safe, Healthy Weight Cutting Tips For Wrestlers

Tip #1: Eat The Right Amount of Protein The muscles of your body is where the energy you derive from your food goes. They are what moves you on the wrestling mat and allow you to do the physical things you do; your muscular system is where your metabolism lives. On a reduced calorie diet (when cutting weight), the body is forced to rely on energy stores because you’re no longer feeding it enough gas to go. This is in the form of body fat and glycogen (stored carbohydrates/sugar) in the muscle cells. When the glycogen runs out, the body turns to body fat and then protein to burn for energy. As the muscles are made of protein, if you don’t eat enough dietary protein when cutting weight, your body will turn on its own muscle tissue for food. Not only will this make you weaker and perform poorly on the mat but it also causes a type of temporary damage to your metabolism. This is why eating protein while cutting weight is super important however not the end of the story; you must eat the correct amount to be effective. This is figured by a simple body fat test that will not only tell your percentage of body fat, but also your lean body mass. To avoid losing muscle on a reduced calorie diet, you must eat at least the same amount of protein (in grams) as your calculated lean body mass. Given the excessive amount of exercise wrestlers Continue reading Safe, Healthy Weight Cutting Tips For Wrestlers

Canadian Girls 2016 Olympic Soccer Roster

During the Canadian versus France soccer game at the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016 Olympic Games the sports announcers put forth some very interesting, that the Canadians had played every single player during the Olympic Games thus far. Let’s talk about this shall we? “If you are good enough to be on the Olympic Soccer team you are good enough to play, and you should” says the Canadian Girls Olympic Soccer Coach who has started 17 of the 19 girls on the roster before the semi-finals round, and all girls have played at least some — yes, the entire roster — before the semi-final round against Germany. One could say that part of this strategy comes from a socialism mindset, that everyone is equal which is a very nice and cute touch, but at the Olympics, winning is everything and losing means you can’t go home with gold – so the stakes are high and it is a risky move on the coach’s part, although the coach probably thinks that it is the right way and only way. The US Olympic Girls Soccer team has been knocked out of the Olympic Tournament, and they were the defending gold medal champions from the last Olympic Games. The US Soccer coach wouldn’t perhaps consider such a move. Does this mean ‘fairness’ in equal play and participation is the best strategy or just coincidence. Could the US beat the Canadian Team? Well, they certainly have before. Now then, I’ve had some experience with Continue reading Canadian Girls 2016 Olympic Soccer Roster